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HEY  :)

Nice to see you! Let me tell you our story:

Clique is a vienna based collective. We are professional creatives and skillful tech, design & business enthusiasts. We're trained and experienced in a lot of different professions. We're always looking forward to a good challenge.

Here's a list of things we'd love to help you with:

  • good code
  • app development
  • webdesign
  • brand design
  • print design
  • growth hacking
  • code improvement
  • shop development
  • story telling
  • complexity reduction
  • e-commerce setup & improvement
  • naming & claming
  • high performing marketing campaigns
  • datascience
  • AI development
  • social media strategy
  • wording strategy
  • app architecture & stack decision
  • seo & sea
  • ux ui design
  • digital branding
  • speed optimization
  • sustainable code
  • software modeling & architecture improvement
  • process digitalization
  • business optimization
  • print design
  • motion picture editing
  • 3d animation
  • image retouche & grading
  • animation
  • press & marketing events
  • influencer marketing
  • affiliate marketing strategies
  • short-, medium- & long-term digital marketing concepts
  • business process modelling & improvement

Tell us what you need and we'll find a way to help you!

Join our Clique. ;)

PS: you look good today!



Sch├Ânbrunner Stra├če, Reinprechtsdorf, KG Margareten, Margareten, Wien, 1050, ├ľsterreich
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